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What your landlord, the governor, paid to keep you comfy

Gov. Henry McMaster in February
Gov. Henry McMaster in February gmelendez@thestate.com

Hey Gamecock, you may have noticed that South Carolina’s new governor owns the roof over your head.

Tenants just like you have paid Gov. Henry McMaster, the state’s executive in chief since January, roughly $7.7 million in rent over a decade from more than a dozen rental properties mostly along Greene and Henderson streets around campus.

So what did Landlord Henry pay to keep his tenants comfy?

Roughly $508,000 on cleaning, maintenance and repairs from 2006-2015, according to McMaster’s tax returns, 16 years of which The Buzz and other reporters recently reviewed.

For those of you flunking college math, that’s almost seven pennies you got back for every dollar you spent.

So is the governor making off with your money? Not so fast.

McMaster also reported expenses totaling $6.2 million – which includes mortgage payments, taxes, legal fees, and insurance – bringing his net profit to about $1.5 million over the decade.

(Note to McMaster’s aides: Thanks for not giving us copies of the foot-high stack of papers. And, thanks for asking, The Buzz is almost over the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from the feverish copying.)

Reporter Cassie Cope contributed.