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The Buzz: Bobby Harrell, the proud Seminole?

Several Buzz operatives, who reported watching the Clemson-Florida State football game last week, were shocked nearly out of their Naugahyde recliners by the sight of House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, standing on the Seminole sideline.

Harrell, a USC alumnus alum and ardent Gamecock fan, told the Buzz that he attended the game but rooted for Clemson. He was on the FSU sideline, he said, because a Highway Patrol captain offered him sideline passes.

“I was pulling for Clemson,” Harrell said. “Although I’m sure people have trouble believing that.”

Harrell said when he left the sidelines to go sit in the stands at halftime, “We were up 24-3. What do you want?”

(Editorial aside: Note the clever use of “we.”)

Clemson held on to win 24-18.

“When I left, Florida State started coming back,” Harrell said. “I was feeding (FSU coach) Bobby Bowden telepathic bad plays.”

Sanford’s long arm and reform SC

When Gov. Mark Sanford’s chief of staff sent out an e-mail last week announcing a Jeb Bush fund-raiser for a political group that plans to go after State House lawmakers in next year’s elections, The Buzz chuckled at the gov distancing himself - literally and metaphorically - from the group.

Sanford was winging his way to China with a handful of legislative allies and state business leaders for an economic conference, and his office says it makes a point to keep Reform SC, led by former Sanford staffer Chad Walldorf, at arm’s length.

Because the governor isn’t, you know, political.

The Buzz asked Winthrop University political scientist Scott Huffmon about the relationship, /and he/ who scoffed at the notion that Sanford and Reform SC are not working together.

“Have you ever seen the Reform SC site?” Huffmon said. “It’s like (the breathless teeny-bopper magazine) ‘Tiger Beat’ for Sanford.”