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The Buzz: Courson, the lottery and big money stakes

Courson, the lottery and big money stakes

Lawmakers (and novices, too) have been salivating for weeks now over a shot at the Columbia Senate seat of popular Republican Sen. John Courson.

With the top job at the deep-pocketed S.C. Education Lottery open - well, sort of open - the word on the street was that the games were chasing after Courson to lead the lottery.

The lottery's former executive director, former state senator Ernie Passailague, dropped the games - and its $226,000 a year salary - in July to take up residency in Arkansas, where he will establish new games later this year for a cool $325,000 every year.

Courson, of course, has had the District 20 Senate seat locked up for the past 24 years, and The Buzz thinks he likes it. Don't expect Courson to leave the State House for new digs on Main Street.

Newest outburst: Show me the money!

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson called the president of the United States a liar on national television and, consequently, he's been forced to accept $2 million in campaign contributions. That should teach him!

Now it seems everybody is in the Joe Wilson business.

Last week, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele e-mailed supporters condemning Democrats for condemning Wilson. At the end, he solicited money for the Republicans' media fund.

A Democratic group has released a TV ad calling Wilson's outburst during the joint session of Congress shameful.

The ad, distributed by the Stand Up America political action committee, also asks for donations.

The Buzz has a prediction: By the end of this, everyone involved will have something to be ashamed about.