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Today at the SC State House: Stopping criminals from buying guns

Today, S.C. lawmakers will consider closing the “Charleston loophole.”

A Senate judiciary subcommittee will review S.159, which would mandate no gun sale can go forward until either the buyer passes a criminal background check or 28 days have expired.

The bill was introduced after Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in a Charleston church with a gun he should not have been able to purchase because of his prior criminal history.

Senators last year held a series of hearings across the state on gun legislation, but the bill has moved slowly through the Legislature.

Meanwhile, the House has moved to make it easier for gun owenrs to carry a weapon, eliminating the need to get a permit or conceal the weapon. That legislaation, S.449, will be in front of a separate Senate panel later on Tuesday.


▪ 9 a.m. House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Subcommittee of the Legislative Oversight Committee, Blatt Room 108

▪ 9 a.m. House Economic Development, Transportation and Natural Resources Subcommittee of the Legislative Oversight Committee, Blatt Room 321

▪ 10 a.m. SC Legislative Black Caucus, Blatt Room 427

▪ 10 a.m. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S.159, S.431, S.516, H.3176 and H.3429, Gressette Room 209

▪ 10 a.m. House Regulations and Administrative Procedures Committee, Blatt Room 433

▪ 11 a.m. Senate Finance Committee, Gressette Room 105

▪ 11 a.m. Senate Judiciary Committee, Gressette Room 308

▪ 11 a.m. House Minority Caucus, Blatt Room 305

▪ 11 a.m. Legislative Ethics Committee, Blatt Room 511

▪ (1½ hours after the House adjourns) House Ways and Means Legislative Subcommittee, Blatt Room 521

▪ 2:30 pm (or 1 1/2 hours upon adjournment of the House, whichever is later) House Judiciary Committee, Blatt Room 516

▪ 4 p.m. (or 15 minutes upon adjournment) Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S.430 and S.449, Gressette Room 209

▪ 4:30 p.m. Progressive Legislative Caucus, Blatt Room 305

Who’s Schmoozing Who?

▪ (Upon recess of the House) Legislative Luncheon: South Carolina Tire Manufacturers Council (Members Only), State House Grounds