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Gov. McMaster to Dreamers: ‘Let your voices be heard’

SC Gov. Henry McMaster on DACA

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S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster has a message for the 7,000 or so “Dreamers” in South Carolina who have been protected from deportation under an Obama-era executive order:

“Let their voices be heard.”

But he did not say whether he would support extending those protections when asked by reporters at Bob Jones University on Tuesday.

“The way to answer that question is not by executive order. That's what President Obama did,” McMaster said, adding, “You've got to have rules and go by them.”

The protections, put in place under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, are set to expire. President Donald Trump is rescinding Obama’s executive order that created the protections, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday.

McMaster, who was the first state official in the nation to endorse Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary, said Congress needs to address the question through the legislative process.

“That's what President Trump has called for and he's exactly right, once again, he's exactly right."

To South Carolina Dreamers, McMaster said, "I would tell them to let their voices be heard, that this is a matter of great importance to the country, to them, to the country.”

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