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'OMG this is WRONG!' Former SC teacher edits White House letter, sends it to Trump


At least she didn't put a grade on the letter.

That might be the nicest thing to be said about a recently retired South Carolina high school teacher's response to a form letter she received from the White House and signed by President Donald Trump.

"I have never, ever, received a letter with this many silly mistakes," Yvonne Mason said, greenvilleonline.com reported.

So what was the response of the educator who retired after 17 years of teaching English at Hughes Middle School and Mauldin High School in Greenville County?

The 61-year-old, who retired in 2017, corrected the mistakes by marking up the letter. Mason shared her edits on Facebook with the pledge that she was sending it to the White House.

Among the many comments Mason wrote on the letter were:

"Have y'all tried grammar & style check?"

"Not parts of proper noun construction"

"OMG this is WRONG!"

The letter from the White House, with Trump's signature, was a response to Mason. The Democrat, who now lives in Atlanta, wrote to Trump asking him to visit the families of the 17 people killed in the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., The New York Times reported.

The response Mason received focused on what the president has done in the aftermath of the shooting.

"It didn't address the letter I wrote," Mason said to greenvilleonline.com.

President Donald Trump hands out pens after signing the "Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act," in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Thursday, May 24, 2018, in Washington. Evan Vucci AP

There is no word if Mason's critique was received, as the White House has not commented on the issue. She has not posted about any further feedback from Trump.

What Mason is clear about is her dismay with the overuse of the "I" in Trump's letter. The retired teacher highlighted "I" five times in her markup.

And if she was going to give the president's letter a grade, what would it be? That depends: Is Trump writing at a middle school or high school level?

"If it had been written in middle school, I'd give it a C or C-plus," Mason told greenvillenews.com. "If it had been written in high school, I'd give it a D."

“It was a poorly worded missive,” Mason said, according to The New York Times. “Poor writing is not something I abide. If someone is capable of doing better, then they should do better.”

President Trump slammed sheriff deputies' response to the shooting at a Florida high school during his remarks at a meeting of the nation’s governors.