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South Carolina a ‘toss-up’ for presidential election?

Whether South Carolina will elect Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump is a “toss up,” according to a SurveyMonkey poll updated Tuesday.

Forty-five percent of likely S.C. voters say they will vote for Trump and 43 percent say they will vote for Clinton, according to the poll.

Because the difference between the candidates is within three percentage points, SurveyMonkey labeled South Carolina a “toss-up.”

“All surveys are subject to random variability, so the three-point threshold best represents the potential for shifts to be random,” the poll said.

SurveyMonkey says it polls a random sample of its 3 million respondents, who take part in its user-generated surveys, for its Election Tracking poll.

South Carolina last voted for a Democratic candidate for president in 1976.

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