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BUZZ: Gov. Nikki Haley's wardrobe gets once-over from runway crowd

The good news Nikki Haley is that Politico posted a story considering you 2016 White House material. The bad news is that same story took a serious swipe at your wardrobe.

"Project Runway" co-host Tim Gunn and his writing collaborator Ada Calhoun reviewed politicians' fashion choices and called the message sent by the guv's style a bit uneven.

"You never know what you’re going to get with Haley," the pair wrote. "One day the Republican South Carolina governor is doing navy off-the-shoulder ruffled taffeta, another she’s in a nubby faux-Chanel suit, then a shiny royal blue ’50s-esque jacket, then a pink two-piece suit-dress that looks like it was made out of curtains. Unpredictable and erratic—is that the description of someone we want to have the nuclear codes?"

Ouch. Did they know Haley's family had run a clothing store?

The critics delivered their thoughts on the messages sent by the clothing looks of other 2016 wannabes -- Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Michele Bachmann.

The fellas were not spared with reviews of Ted Cruz, Joe Biden and Chris Christie -- who was told he should "avoid fabrics babies wear to sleep."

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