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ELECTION 2014: Nikki Haley's campaign says Vincent Sheheen should withdraw from cases before magistrates he recommended

Gov. Nikki Haley's campaign said Tuesday that state Sen. Vincent Sheheen should withdraw as attorney from eight cases he has before magistrates he recommended for appointment.

"It is the only appropriate thing to do," said Rob Godfrey, Haley's campaign spokesman.

Sheheen, an attorney from Camden, has voted to ban lawyer-legislators from appearing before magistrates they recommend for appointment. And he has introduced a bill, S.240, that would remove Senators from recommending magistrates in the first place -- a bill that Leighton Lord, an attorney and member of Haley campaign's financial advisory committee, endorsed.

The Sheheen campaign says that proves the Democratic state senator is leading the effort for ethics reform. The Haley campaign said it just makes Sheheen "the worst kind of hypocrite."

The Sheheen campaign, meanwhile, has been calling Haley hypocritical for holding a series of news conferences around the state promoting a bill that would require lawmakers to disclose their sources of income -- despite the fact that Haley, while a member of the House of Representatives, did not disclose she received more than $40,000 in consulting fees from a well-known engineering firm.

The House Ethics Committee -- at the time made up of five Republicans and one Democrat -- cleared Haley of any wrongdoing. And the state Supreme Court dismissed a case saying that Haley broke the law.