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BUZZ: Dems paint Nikki Haley as the Wicked Queen

Halloween is over, but S.C. Democrats couldn't resist finding another costume for Republican Gov. Nikki Haley.

The @SCDP twitter feed posted this picture Tuesday morning, asking "Who is the most unethical of all?"

The photo accompanies this website, which asks people to "add your name to our card" that Democrats plan to deliver to Haley the week after Thanksgiving.

The photo comes as Haley and state Sen. Vincent Sheheen try to out-ethics each other, with Sheheen pointing to some of Haley's past ethics problems and Haley criticizing Sheheen for appearing as an attorney before magistrates that he has recommended for appointment.

Why all of the posturing about ethics? Veteran S.C. political consultant Richard Quinn has a theory.

"In the polling I’ve done, federal and state and local, there is such a cynical feeling out there that approval ratings for incumbents at all levels (are) pretty low," Quinn told The State last week. "Therefore, a candidate who appears to be prepared to do something to clean up the mess may have more resonance this coming cycle than it may have had in the past.”