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POLITICS: S.C. Democrats want to raise in one day what Republicans reported to feds

The S.C. Democratic Party is trying to raise in one day what the S.C. Republican Party reported on its latest federal disclosure report.

The S.C. GOP's latest disclosure report with the Federal Election Commission shows it has $4,631.82 cash-on-hand. The party reported $596,265 in receipts and $597,451 in disbursements.

"Let's show the Republican Party that the Democrats are going to win in 2014. We can start by raising TODAY what the SCGOP has on hand," S.C. Democratic Party executive director Amanda Loveday wrote in an email to donors.

Democrats tried this in September, when Republicans reported $5,932.57 cash available, and "came extremely close," Loveday said. Loveday also pointed out the Republicans are still paying off a $300,000 debt.

The S.C. Democratic Party has $257,065 money available to spend, according to its latest report. S.C. Democrats had $1,282,388 in receipts and $1,074,460 in disbursements.

S.C. GOP chairman Matt Moore said the party has $47,000 cash available when combined with their state account.

"S.C. Republicans are solving the tough problems that people care about. That's why we are winning elections," Moore said. "South Carolina Democrats have lost every single election against incumbent statewide Republicans since 'Titanic' was in move theaters (1998). And the South Carolina Democratic Party hasn't righted its ship."