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STATE HOUSE: Say goodbye to 180 state jobs

While South Carolina's unemployment rate dipped to 7.5 percent in October, state government trimmed its workforce by at least 180 jobs last month.

The State Budget and Control Board voted to eliminate 179.72 jobs that had been vacant for at least one year, as state law requires them to do. The exception is that every state agency can carry a 5 percent vacancy rate, or 10 positions, whichever is lower. So while the state has 297.51 jobs that have been vacant for more than a year, 120.51 of them are exempt from deletion.

It's weird you can eliminate 0.72 of a job, but when you include part-time positions, that's how the math works out.

Here is where the jobs were eliminated:

State Law Enforcement Division: 14
Adjutant General: 1
Public Employee Benefit Authority: 1
Clemson: 5.88
S.C. State University: 5
Technical colleges: 17.13
ETV commission: 13
Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School: 0.83
S.C. School for the Deaf and Blind: 11.96
Department of Archives and History: 5
Department of Health and Environmental Control: 61.24
Department of Disabilities and Special Needs: 39
Commission for the Blind: 1
Department of Juvenile Justice: 3.18
Department of Revenue: 1.50

Last year, the Budget and Control Board eliminated 466 jobs that had been vacant for one year or more. The deleted positions means S.C. now has 64,886.47 authorized positions.