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ELECTION 2014: Tim Scott says he and Lindsey Graham 'have a good working relationship'

Three days after U.S. Sen. Tim Scott dodged a question about whether he would endorse fellow Sen. Lindsey Graham, Scott said Friday he and Graham "have a good working relationship."

"When you're on the ballot the best thing you should do is focus on your race and ask the voters to vote for you and explain to them why that works, why that's an investment," Scott said.

Scott's comments are similar to Republican Gov. Nikki Haley's strategy, who told CNN earlier this week that she liked Graham, but stopped short of endorsing him because she was focusing on her own race.

Graham faces the ire of a vocal group of tea-party activists who say Graham is took quick to compromise with Democrats. Four people say they will challenge Graham in next summer's Republican primary. Scott, meanwhile, faces no GOP opposition. Richland County Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson is the only Democrat to say she will run against Scott.