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BUZZ: Crush Graham Cracker PAC looking to "sticker bomb" Lindsey Graham

A new political committee --called the Crush Graham Cracker PAC -- is looking to "sticker bomb" U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham out of office and hoping to find support at the site of arguably the most important battle taking place Saturday in South Carolina.

It's a mash-up of politics and football. Promising "a sea of stickers so numerous," the PAC is hopeful for an unlikely coalition of USC and Clemson football fans on Saturday at Williams Brice Stadium, where the PAC will pass out #defeatLindseyGraham stickers.

In a release, the group's treasurer Gretchen Ramey of Charleston, said the following:

“I HAVE A DREAM...that, on this historic and passionate rival game day in the great state of South Carolina, CLEMSON and CAROLINA fans alike will RISE up, UNITE in solidarity, and VOICE their displeasure over Senator Graham's unconstitutional voting record with a sea of stickers so numerous, that the elite GOP Establishment will witness the power, hear the voices, and recognize the will of WE THE PEOPLE.”

Ramey has launched a fundraising effort to raise $5,000 for the sticker campaign.

But she might want to rethink the design of her fundraising page -- conspicuously orange for someone who wants Gamecocks and Tigers to "unite in solidarity."