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ELECTION 2014: Independent collecting signatures to run against Tim Scott

The owner of a Mount Pleasant paint and restoration company said she plans to run as an independent against U.S. Sen. Tim Scott in 2014.

Brandon Armstrong, 54, said she has collected about 1,400 of the 10,000 signatures she needs to get on the ballot as a petition candidate, running as an independent, she said.

Armstrong, who is seeking a campaign manager, said term limits and running a campaign on limited money are two focuses of her campaign.

"Although I am a conservative at heart...too many Carolinians feel as I do: Republicans are too far right of the issues, Democrats are too far left; neither party represents “US” anymore..the voters," Armstrong said in a news release. "I offer a balanced level headed approach with a vision and solutions that reflect and represent South Carolina for a prosperous future."

Armstrong, who has never run for political office and would not comment on her education background, says she has run a paint and restoration business for 30 years. She has two sons.

Gov. Nikki Haley appointed Scott to the seat after Sen. Jim DeMint resigned to run the Heritage Foundation. Next year's contest for the seat is a special election.