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STATE HOUSE: Meeting on SC government restructuring disappears from schedule (updated)

The S.22 conference committee was slated to meet Tuesday, but the meeting notice appears to have disappeared from the schedule.

S.22 is the government restructuring bill that would eliminate the state Budget and Control Board, moving 90 percent of the state's administrative functions to the governor's office.

The House and Senate agree the governor should control things such as human resources, information technology, vehicles, buildings and parking lots.

But they don't agree on who should control purchasing.

The House bill would place the state procurement office under the governor's control. The Senate bill would create a new state agency -- the S.C. Contracts and Accountability Authority -- that would control procurement.

The details of this bill are boring, but the politics are not.

Republican Gov. Nikki Haley has been trying for three years to pass this bill, with no success.

Meanwhile her chief Democratic rival -- Sen. Vincent Sheheen -- is the primary sponsor of the bill.

UPDATE: Gov. Nikki Haley had this to say on Facebook:

Sen. Shane Massey, R-Edgefield, is a member of the conference committee. When asked if he was stalling progress, he said: "I don't think so." He said he he was unavailable to meet on Tuesday, but did not know if that is why the meeting was postponed. He said the committee plans to meet Dec. 19 and 20 to "try to get it done."

If the conference committee -- three Senators and three Representatives -- can agree on a compromise before the 2014 session ends in June, and if both legislative bodies approve that compromise, the bill would go to Haley for her signature.