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BUZZ: Haleys working on transition after first gentleman’s deployment

The day after returning from a year-long military deployment in Afghanistan, S.C. first gentleman Michael Haley joined his wife, Gov. Nikki Haley, to watch their 12-year-old son’s basketball game and their 15-year-old daughter cheer and eat pizza.

But Michael Haley’s transition home remains a work in progress, the couple told The State on Wednesday in an extended interview about his deployment.

Just before Michael Haley came home last week with his S.C. National Guard agriculture-business unit, their son, Nalin, told his mother that he had a tough time thinking about life before his father left in January.

“ ‘I don’t remember what it was like when he was here,’ ” Gov. Haley recalled her son saying. “The kids have to get used to him (being around) again.”

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