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Video: 'SNL' pokes fun at Tiger media coverage, via Mark Sanford

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Only a few days after his wife announced she was filing for divorce, Gov. Mark Sanford’s week got even worse — “Saturday Night Live” skewered the governor’s infidelity in its opening skit Saturday.

The sketch featured actors playing Sanford, former N.C. Sen. John Edwards and Nevada Sen. John Ensign holding a news conference to complain that the media have ignored their own sex scandals to focus on the Tiger Woods case.

“The coverage has been excessive, it has been lurid and it has completely overshadowed coverage of our extramarital affairs,” says the Sanford character.

“Like Tiger Woods, we have broken our marriage vows, but in addition, as elected officials, we have also violated the public trust,” says the Ensign character in the skit. “It’s a pretty big deal. And yet it seems the media couldn’t care less.”

“We pray this isn’t about race,” the Sanford character says later. Meanwhile, the Edwards character keeps interjecting that he, unlike Woods, has a “love child” and deserves news coverage.

“Now, why this clear double standard?” the Sanford character complains. “Is it perhaps racial? The fact that we are white men and Tiger Woods is, I guess, um, black, Asian, Polynesian, Cherokee?”

The Ensign character adds: “If I may, let me make a point here. Many of Tiger’s girlfriends were meaningless one-night stands. He barely spent any time with them. Certainly not enough to affect his work, unlike us.”

“That’s right!” the Sanford character says. “My girlfriend lived in Argentina, and I was down there all the time. And that is a long way from South Carolina. No wonder my state is a fiscal disaster. The fact that it took the media so long to notice really says something about their priorities.”

Adds the Edwards character: “Apparently one love child isn't interesting enough. I guess it has to be triplets.”