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Looks like North Korea ruined Nikki Haley’s Fourth of July

It looks like North Korea’s missile test this week ruined Nikki Haley’s Fourth of July.

The UN ambassador and former S.C. governor tweeted that she spent her holiday in a string of meetings after the country chose America’s national holiday as the date to test its new intercontinental ballistic missile.

“Spending my 4th in meetings all day,” Haley wrote. “(Hashtag)ThanksNorthKorea.”

She wasn’t alone in having her plans disrupted. U.S. officials are trying to decide how to respond to the successful July 4 test of a North Korean missile that appears capable of reaching the United States, a major breakthrough for the isolated country with dreams of challenging U.S. dominance of the Korean peninsula.

Later on the Fourth, Haley tweeted out a statement from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson condemning the test as a “new escalation of the threat to the United States, our allies and partners, the region and the world.”

Some Twitter users were not impressed with Haley seeming to complain about her work load.

The U.S. is calling on all nations, particularly China, a North Korean ally, to put economic pressure on North Korea to rein in its weapons program.

Haley finished the day by joining with her Japanese and South Korean counterparts to call for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to address the North Korean test.