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Bill Clinton surprises volunteers at Charleston debate watch party

Former President Bill Clinton surprised volunteers on his wife’s campaign Sunday after the Democratic presidential debate.

"Having done that job and seeing the pitfalls if you make the wrong decision about who gets to do it, there's only one person I can imagine being" the next president, Clinton said of frontrunner Hillary Clinton to a crowd of cheering supporters at a Charleston hotel.

The president also applauded the former secretary of state's debate performance, saying her message on foreign policy was on point.

"Everybody here in South Carolina knows that a Democrat has to be credible on protecting the United States of America,” he said.

After brief comments, the couple worked the crowd, posing for dozens of selfies.

The stop was the only appearance the president had scheduled over the debate weekend, Clinton’s campaign spokesperson said.

Hillary Clinton and other Democratic presidential candidates will participate in the King Day at the Dome event in Columbia on Monday.