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The Buzz: Trump’s campaign cash slump holds true in SC, too

South Carolina is a red state. But, when it comes to donating money to the presumptive presidential nominees, the GOP’s candidate is in the losing corner.

At least, in this election cycle.

Through the end of May, more than 1,360 South Carolinians had given a total of more than $1 million to Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. That outpaces the performance of President Barack Obama four years ago.

Obama had raised $748,000 from S.C. residents through the end of May 2012 toward the $2.7 million total he brought in from the Palmetto State.

Donald Trump is trailing far behind, having raised just $70,294 from about 150 Palmetto State supporters as of the end of May. That trails, by far, the S.C. fund-raising performance of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

As of May 2012, Romney had raised nearly $1 million in South Carolina. By the end of the race, Romney had pulled down $6.7 million from S.C. residents.

A look at who’s breaking their S.C. piggy banks for the presumptive presidential candidates:

Top donors

▪  Jim Shore, a figurine artist from York, has ponied up $5,400 for Trump, the maximum contribution he can make to the candidate for his primary and general election bids. Six S.C. contributors have given Trump $2,700 each.

▪  Claudia Kennedy, a retired three-star U.S. Army lieutenant general and Hilton Head resident, has donated the maximum allowable — $5,400 — to Clinton. All told, 181 donors have given Clinton $2,700 or more.

Top donating S.C. regions

▪  Lowcountry residents had skipped a five-star restaurant or two to shell out $400,544 to Clinton’s campaign as of the end of May. The Midlands was the second biggest financier of the Democratic frontrunner, giving $189,383.

▪  Upstate residents looked most favorably on Trump, giving $18,945 to his campaign. The Grand Strand came in second in donations to the GOP leader, giving $15,963.