School bus catches fire with 29 SC students on board

A school bus that caught fire in Greenville County on Thursday had 29 students on board.

The school bus driver in Greenville County noticed smoke and small flames coming from the rear engine around 8:20 a.m., according to Fox Carolina. The driver pulled over, shut off the engine and evacuated the students.

The fire went out when the engine was shut off, WSPA reported. No one was injured, but parents were notified of the incident. A second bus was dispatched to take the students to school.

“The driver followed protocol,” Beth Brotherton, spokeswoman for the Greenville County School District, told Fox Carolina.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

South Carolina’s school buses are old and fire prone. As of May, 17 had caught fire or dangerously overheated since August 2015.

During the 2017 Legislative session, Gov. Henry McMaster vetoed $20.5 million from the state’s budget slated by lawmakers to replace aging school buses.

The state’s aging school-bus fleet at one point was declared the oldest, publicly operated bus system in the nation.

Cynthia Roldán: @CynthiaRoldan