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Confederate flag and ‘repugnant’ note left at community center, director tells SC cops

A Confederate flag and “repugnant” note were found on the front door of a South Carolina business, an official at the business told police.

Louis Smith, executive director of the Community Resource Center in Summerville, told police on Saturday that “the KKK” put the flag and note on the door of the center.

Summerville is a town in the eastern part of the state, about 25 miles from Charleston.

The flag was stuck in the handle of the door, and a blue sticky note was stuck on the glass next to it, according to the police report.

“Louis Smith, we hope you find love in your heart and get rid of your hate for the beautiful Confederate flag. We will pray for you Louis. May God bless the the Confederate soldiers and the flag! Deo Vindice,” the note read.

Deo Vindice, which means “God is our protector,” according to, was the “national motto for the Confederacy ... (and) also served as a rallying cry and credo. In time, the phrase was inscribed on thousands of monuments and tombstones.”

Smith is known in the area for being politically involved and outspoken in his opposition to the Confederate flag being displayed in public, according to the Summerville Journal Scene.

He asked that the note be “fingerprinted” but wouldn’t let officers to remove it or the flag from his door so that it could be “processed for latent prints,” according to the report.

Smith also said he believed police wanted to hurt him and that he didn’t trust them, and he called dispatchers “white racist murderers who wished to hurt him,” the police report said.

The officer who responded tried to get surveillance footage but was unable to review it as the business with the camera was closed, the report said.

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