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Yes, UConn did steal NC State’s logo. But they’re very sorry about it

A UConn logo that copied an NC State logo upset fans
A UConn logo that copied an NC State logo upset fans Screen Grab/Twitter

Wolfpack fans have taken to Twitter to express their disapproval after another school apparently copied one of N.C. State’s logos.

The logo from the University of Connecticut features three huskies, one of which appears to be howling, in front of trees with the words “The Pack” across the front.

“The Pack” is UConn’s new official student section responsible for “enhancing the campus spirit and pride” and for encouraging students to attend sporting events, according to a news release that has since been removed for the school’s website.

And some Wolfpack fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities between UConn’s logo and N.C. State’s.

A spokesperson in the university’s communications office said the logo was created by an undergraduate student who went about it the wrong way and “included a piece of intellectual property that belonged to N.C. State.”

The logo, which was revealed Wednesday night, was removed from all of UConn’s digital platforms Thursday morning, the spokesperson said.

UConn reached out to N.C. State to apologize about the mistake, the spokesperson said, and it was well received from the school.

But fans are still pretty upset about it.

“That’s a sweet logo except that the ‘huskies’ or wolves are taken from an old N.C. State logo,” one user tweeted Thursday morning.

And astute fans noticed that the logo had been taken down.

Bailey Aldridge is a reporter covering real-time news in North and South Carolina. She has a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.