South Carolina

Man arrested after soliciting sex from hotel employee

An Illinois man was arrested at the Plaza Hotel in Fort Mill Sunday after he tried to solicit a hotel employee for sex, according to a report from the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Marius Zymantas, 33, of Burr Ridge, Ill. walked into a room where a woman, 31, was cleaning. Zymantas asked her how much money she made per hour and asked her if she wanted to make more than she makes in a night, the report stated. He then left the room and the employee told another hotel worker that she felt uncomfortable and asked him to listen for her.

When she was back in the room, she saw Zymantas again, this time wearing nothing but his underwear, the report states. She screamed. According to the report, she said he kept repeating, “Yes or no,” and when she said, “No,” he left again.

When police arrived, Zymantas was found in his room. He appeared intoxicated and denied speaking with the employee.

Later in the night, his story changed and he said he just knocked on the door, but did not do anything else.

Zymantas is in custody at the York County Detention Center, charged with disorderly conduct and prostitution. His bond is set at $732.50.