South Carolina

Kids will love it, but will parents? Why SC school district may switch to 4-day weeks

More schools across the country are switching to four-day weeks, and a district in Florence County, South Carolina, could be joining them.

School districts are adopting these shorter weeks to recruit teachers and cut costs, according to WAMU. So far, about 560 districts in 25 different states have adopted the trend, WAMU reported.

Under the proposed plan for Florence County School District Three, students would attend school Monday through Thursday, with an extra 90 minutes tacked on to each day so students don’t miss instructional time, according to WMBF.

The plan also includes making tutoring available on the first and third Fridays of every month, WMBF said.

Districts that have implemented four-day weeks have cut costs and seen improved attendance among students and teachers, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

But not everyone is happy with the change.

Low-income families depend on the childcare and meals that a school day provides, making four-day weeks hard, according to WAMU.

Tracy Shamrock, a mother of two, told WMBF that she is against Florence County School District Three’s plan.

“Personally, I wouldn’t like it just because of my work schedule and home life,” she said.

Laura Hickson, the district’s superintendent, wants to survey parents, teachers and staff about the plan, according to the Associated Press.

The four-day week wouldn’t be implemented next school year, and the district would hold public hearing if it moves forward with the plan, WMBF reported.