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Attempted murder suspect found dead at Myrtle Beach motel, investigation continues

A person wanted in connection with attempted murder was found dead at the Lancer Motel Thursday afternoon.

Myrtle Beach police were at the 606 North Kings Hwy. motel after they got information about the suspect. Cpl. Thomas Vest, spokesman with Myrtle Beach police, said the suspect was wanted in an incident in the Upstate area.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Spokesman Thom Berry said the suspect was wanted in connection to a shooting in the Greenville area several days ago.

Officers had a search warrant and SWAT and negotiators were also called to the scene, according to Vest. Police tried several times to speak to the suspect, but did not get any response.

Officers entered a room and found the suspect, William C. Brown, 45, dead, according to Vest.

The Horry County Coroner’s Office responded to the scene around 3 p.m.

Myrtle Beach police requested SLED’s assistance in crime scene processing and the investigation, Berry said.

Law enforcemenet members gather on the steps of the Lancer Motel in Myrtle Beach, where a person wanted for attempted murder in Upstate South Carolina was found dead Thursday afternoon according to Myrtle Beach police. The motel is located on North Kings Highway. Josh Bell
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