South Carolina

Beaufort cat rescued after its head was stuck in plastic jar. It happens too often, officials say

A cat was found on St. Helena Island suffocating from its head stuck in a plastic jar Tuesday and officials say similar situations are happening too often.

“It was dying when they found it,” Tallulah Trice, director of Beaufort County Animal Services, said Wednesday. “They had to cut it (bottle) to get the cat air.”

Trice said the cat survived and is likely to make a full recovery.

The county department often receives calls about cats and racoons stuck in jars, and bottles she said.

“They stick their heads in trying to lick the bottle,” Trice said.

Last year, animals services officers chased a cat with a plastic jar stuck on its head for about two weeks on Hilton Head Island.

“Everyone was in the woods for weeks,” Trice said. “Finally it lost enough weight so that the bottle came off.”

The Hilton Head cat was able to get enough air and water from condensation but couldn’t eat.

“It is a horrible death for an animal,” Trice said.

Hilton Head Plantation security chased a deer with a bucket stuck on its head for days in January of 2018. Security eventually was able to find and remove the bucket.

Trice asks that residents place lids on plastic jars and bottles before throwing them out. If recycling companies want the lid removed then cut the bottle open so animals are unable to become trapped.

Mayonnaise and peanut butter jars are often the culprit, Trice said.

“It kills way more animals than plastic bags do,” Trice said. “A simple procedure could stop this.”