Tropical Storm Michael brought tornadoes to South Carolina. Here’s where and when

As Tropical Storm Michael barreled toward South Carolina, warnings about possible tornadoes started coming from weather experts. Those warnings came to fruition.

The National Weather Service of Columbia confirmed that three tornadoes touched down in Orangeburg County on Oct. 10. The cyclones all happened within an hour of each other.

The first swirling storm came out of the sky at 11:17 at night on Oct. 10. It landed near the town of Branchville with 65 miles per hour winds. The tornado was 25 yards wide, according to NWS. It traveled for more than a mile before dissipating.

The next cyclone spun down just over 10 minutes later. It was a more powerful storm. Wind peak estimates hit 75 miles per hour. While it was about the same size, the twister traveled much farther, going more than six miles along a path between Orangeburg and Rowesville close to U.S. 21.

The last tornado was the most powerful. Touching down at 11:48 p.m., only 10 minutes after the previous cyclone, the most potent of the trio had winds of about 80 miles per hour. The vortex was double the width of the other two at 50 yards wide. It also traveled farther, going more than eight miles between Orangeburg and the small town of Wolfton.

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