Wednesday letters: American dream went down drain

To attain the American dream requires a mound of hard work and uncompromising determination, with an unlimited amount of dogmatic patience. I gave it all I had for 65 years. I even worked until I was 77, mainly to grow that 403b plan. At that time, there was more than enough money in it to guarantee a comfortable retirement.

But health problems forced me into retirement at the worst possible time. Before I could get all the arrangements made, the Dow collapsed — and so did my 403b. All that money, all those dreams, were shattered — gone just like that; $100,000 came right off the top, sucked down the drain.

I wasn’t alone in this fiasco. There were hundreds of thousands of retirees who suffered spectacular losses from the retirement funds they had worked so hard and so long to secure.

Where was FEMA? Where was our Red Cross? Where were our nationally televised fundraisers? My country that I served during the Korean War had spit in my face, and there wasn’t anyone to care.

Thanks, America, for reminding me that I’m old and not needed anymore.

So much for the American dream.

Clyde Lowery

West Columbia