Editorial: Don’t replace Confederate flag on SC State House grounds; remove it


UNLESS THEY want to be stuck in this same painful debate 15 years from now, House members need to join the Senate in voting to remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds. Not switch it out with another flag. Remove it.

The S.C. and U.S. flags fly from the State House dome, right above the Confederate Soldier Monument. They are what we need; they are all we need. The monument was just fine for 111 years without a flag.

The best thing for our state is for the House to reject all amendments, just like the Senate did on Monday. Otherwise, we risk a protracted negotiating session that just invites more outside extremists into our state — from the KKK to people who climb the flagpole to take matters into their own hands. Our state doesn’t need either.

Our legislators agree that we shouldn’t fly a flag at the State House that causes pain to so many South Carolinians. South Carolinians agree. We just need to get it done.

Completely done. For good.