Letters to the Editor

Letters: Families need school choices

St Paul Pioneer Press

As a seasoned educator, I have met fantastic families from all backgrounds. These interactions have cemented my belief that education is most effective when there are diverse options for families to choose from. Every student learns differently, which means one type of school is not the right fit for every student. Thankfully, South Carolina provides vast opportunities for children in grades K-12 to succeed, whether they attend an online public school like S.C. Connections Academy, are enrolled in a blended online and on-site program, are home-schooled or go to a private or public brick-and-mortar school.

In the past, accessing high-quality education has been a struggle for students who are hospitalized, homebound, training to be an entertainer or athlete, and for those who have a different learning style. Options such as an online school allow families to choose how to best meet their children’s specific needs. The ability to access a flexible school schedule means students can pursue early graduation, internships, volunteer opportunities and dual enrollment on a college campus, or learn a trade skill. School choice also benefits families who are looking to spend more time with their children, or who would like to be actively involved in their child’s schoolwork.

Amanda Ebel

Executive director, S.C. Connections Academy