Letters to the Editor

Wednesday's letters to the editor

Appeasement does disservice to U.S.

More troubling than his invisible influences, extremist czars and lifelong associations with anti-American mentors is this President Obama's choice of appeasement abroad.

Ignoring or tragically unaware of the catastrophe caused by Britain's 1938 "party of appeasement," which sacrificed Czech and Polish peoples to appease Hitler and guaranteed invasion, this president has shamefully capitulated to Russia and coldly endangered allies.

Choosing to lose the war in Afghanistan by ignoring the need for manpower to win it will dishonor the sacrifices of our heroes, strengthen our enemies and disgrace us as a people.

President Obama continues to focus on what he perceives as wrong about America, eager to "fight" only for the concept of global warming, to nationalize health care and to redistribute wealth. That is not patriotism but a cold, hard personal agenda.


Hilton Head Island

Campaign finance law days numbered

The five conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Anthony Kennedy, appear ready to overturn the McCain-Feingold law and other campaign finance laws that have been in place over the last 100 years. This will remove the monetary restrictions on the donations that corporations and unions can give to political candidates under the guise of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech to individuals.

Corporations are made up of stockholders and employees who might not share the political views of the CEO; the same is true of the members of a union. Overturning these laws would allow the CEO of a corporation or president of a union to give money to an individual candidate with no limits.

To allow unfettered corporate or union moneys is bribery and is unconscionable. We already have enough bribery of politicians by the lobbyists and PACs.



GOP record slips on principled leadership

I am a longtime supporter of moderate-conservative values and plans. However, I find it very difficult to believe in and support many of the "leaders" of the Republican Party.

I believe it is wiser to follow the principles we want to govern our lives and actions instead of enthroning an individual (as in the "any Kennedy will do" philosophy of the Democrats). The individuals who head up our party have sorely disappointed me in that they have not adhered even to the basic principles for which the Republican Part stands.

I want a leader who, in daily life, believes in upholding the law and being a good, compassionate citizen, and has a moral compass that works.

That certainly precludes destroying one's family, driving up and down the highway at 100 mph, income tax evasion and other shaky financial schemes.

I find myself turning off Rush and O'Reilly ,et al, as I am tired of the yelling, insults, slurs and such. Two of the very few reasonable journalists are Lou Dobbs and Kathleen Parker (and they are Independents). I wish there were many voices such as theirs in the Republican ranks.

I sincerely hope one of the Republican candidates will fit the bill, or we will have a long road ahead.



Wilson action wins reader's gratitude

I would like to thank Rep. Joe Wilson for his very brave action. What would you do if you were in a meeting with a worldwide viewership, and you heard the speaker making misleading statements? You know the only way to correct the misleading statement is to speak up at that particular time. Mr. Wilson was the only representative we have with guts enough to correct the speaker. We need more representatives of his caliber. Thank you, Rep. Wilson, for forgetting decorum and political correctness and for informing the world of the truth. We allow way too many misleading statements in this country, and we should stop them.



What's being hidden in health care plan?

The majority political party is forging ahead with a health care bill in Congress. Democrats have essentially told their colleagues across the aisle "thanks, but no thanks" to their attempts to provide input. They have killed several amendments to allow you and me to see it and read it for three days before it is voted on. Why is this? Do the Democrats not trust the judgment and scrutiny of the American people? Or even their colleagues in Congress?

President Obama has said that under the bills coming out of Congress, senior benefits will not be cut. A few days later, the Congressional Budget Office said they will. An insurance provider is trying to warn its clients of that fact. Some members in Congress are trying to suppress its right to do so.. Living in this country is becoming more frightening by the day.

Obviously, the majority political party does not want you to see what it is going to ultimately come up with. We can only guess as to why. The sooner this bunch is swept from office, the better for our country.



Remembering the ties that bind us

While remembering the anniversaries of the 9/11 catastrophic terrorist attack and the disastrous Hurricane Hugo, could we have forgotten the concern and compassion that bonded and strengthened our communities? During those intense crises, we did forget divisive labels, as we triumphed to unite as Americans.

Amid recent news of a possible al-Qaida plot to attack our transit systems, hotels or stadiums with hidden bombs, let us strive for peaceful alertness among us fellow Americans, with our priority to preserve and protect our precious country and citizens. Otherwise, with regret, we might question how much truth echoes from the cliche, "United we stand, divided we fall." May God bless America.