Letters to the Editor

ETC.: Sanford, self-help & more

Sanford saga came absent consequences

Since the Federal Aviation Authority revoked the too-far-flying Northwest pilots' licenses, passengers can now board with renewed assurances of ethics carrying some weight and consequences arriving on time.

We in South Carolina should copy that flight plan. Our disoriented pilot, Gov. Mark Sanford, violated vital leadership essentials by forsaking his fiduciary responsibility for five days and accruing many taboo miles, absconding security clearance regulations, grounding required communication with the public and staff, plus committing other offenses indicative of a self-serving, integrity-lacking character soon to be revealed by the Ethics Commission. Sanford engaged in heated, illicit activities, but four months later faces no fire.

While a concerned Delta attendant demanded an answer, in the Sanford saga we know of no crew member who acted accordingly. Instead, Sen. Tom Davis, for example, followed his misguided captain's course rather than serve as a true steward. Thus a new emergency mask standard emerged of friends first, constituents far second.

Red alert to all voters: Expect a repeat catastrophe. Gubernatorial candidates, like clamoring children getting the scoop on their next year's teachers' expectations and weaknesses, can envision with impunity first-class flights and wild abandonment on our time and dime.


Hilton Head

Emergency services system is working

My 83-year-old mom fell in her condo recently and could not get up. Somehow, she squirmed around on the floor and called my sister, who called me. Sis and I rushed over, and we called 911. Within minutes, two Forest Acres policemen were at Mom's condo, and then a fire truck arrived with emergency personnel. In about five minutes' time, the ambulance arrived. I was stunned at the response time and the professionalism of all these caring workers.

Mom was taken to Palmetto Baptist and immediately admitted for X-rays and other tests. I was touched by the caring, professional attitude of the clerks in the emergency room at Baptist.

You normally hear horror stories about these kinds of things, but it seems our local system is working pretty darn well. My sincere gratitude to all of the professionals mentioned above.



Whatever happened to self-help?

When are we, the United States of America, going to stop being the enablers of the world?

We weaken the people of other countries while we expend our most precious lives and resources. What has happened to requiring others to step up to the plate and take responsibility? And if we don't, why should they?

We have many important needs here in our own country that are being neglected because of lack of resources. How much patience must we have to see results here?

We need to refocus and recruit newer, brighter minds, instead of depending on career politicians.

Voters, it is up to you to take a stand and start thinking with your heads.



Start date of health reform favors Obama

I find it very curious that President Obama's ill-advised destruction of our health care system as we know it will not begin until 2013. Could this be deliberate in order to get past the 2012 general election?

If it were to be facilitated sooner and its flaws exposed, Obama would lose the 2012 election by a landslide.