Letters to the Editor

IN FOCUS: Sen. Lindsey Graham

Graham's future lies with Democrats

An Oct. 26 front-page article quoted Sen. Lindsey Graham as saying, "I don't want to be in a party that's consistently losing market share."

Please, Sen. Graham, the Republican Party is losing "market share" for only one reason, and that is because of Democrats in Republican clothing like yourself. You and Arlen Specter are cut from the same cloth. You are interested only in a long-term political future paid for by voters/taxpayers. It doesn't make any difference which party you belong to as long you stay fat, dumb and happy in Washington.

Well, your time is coming, and you can be assured of one thing: If you do get re-elected, it won't be by independents and Republicans; it will be by liberal Democrats, because that's the only ticket you're going to be running on.



Thank God for Lindsey Graham

I find it interesting that in The State's article comparing our two senators, Jim DeMint reflects the position that the most important purpose of his office is to be hostile to the Democratic Party. There is absolutely no sense of compromise for the good of the constituency. Thank God for Sen. Graham.

Mr. DeMint states that he has been in Congress for 10 years and there have been no efforts at cutting waste. The current administration has been in office less than a year. I ask at whose door should he lay his complaints? I would think they should be assigned to the Reagan, Bush and Bush administrations that established the multi-trillion dollar debts of our country.



GOP needs true conservatives

Sen. Graham says that most South Carolinians agree with his visions of the Republican Party's future. Sorry, Lindsey, but the vast majority of voters in South Carolina could not disagree more with your vision.

The Republican leadership's moderate vision during the last election has led us to the brink of socialism and bigger government (if that's possible), so thank you for that. Republicans want true conservatives running for and being elected to office. Yes, we must broaden our base, but let's do so with true conservatives.



Graham can make difference on climate

I am proud that Sen. Lindsey Graham has embraced this historic opportunity to create jobs and fight global warming pollution by supporting the Senate clean energy bill. I was recently in Washington to deliver a simple message to Sen. Graham: I'm counting on him to continue efforts to pass a strong bill that will safeguard people and communities.

Across the nation, we are already feeling real and growing impacts from climate change. As a person of color, who is on the front lines of global warming's effects, I understand all too well the disproportionate burdens that are placed on underserved communities.

In my community, employment opportunities are becoming scarce, pollution-related illness is increasing, and the energy burden is getting heavier. My neighbors and their children are the ones seeking jobs, fighting asthma and defending our state and nation every day. As we reduce our dependence on foreign oil, South Carolina stands to benefit not only in terms of our state's security and environment, but because climate and energy legislation will open the door to economic recovery.

All eyes are on the Senate to approve its own version of a climate and energy bill and send it to President Obama for his signature. The time for action is now.



Sen. Graham no longer loyal to party

Recent news articles and letters to the editor have praised Sen. Lindsey Graham for his charisma, eloquence and bipartisanship. Few would deny that he is an intelligent and ethical man, and a true Southern gentleman. Many, however, would rightfully question his loyalty to the Republican Party and to South Carolina.

S.C. Republicans and independents elected Sen. Graham to represent the values that many South Carolinians sincerely believe are best for our state and our country. More often, the values of his voting bloc are based on conservative views and plain ol' common sense. Sen. Graham has chosen his own course, though, and his new-found fame and recognition as a "statesman" is based largely on his frequent capitulation to his Democratic contemporaries in Congress. It is no coincidence that his recent notoriety as a compromiser is hailed most frequently in left-of-center media outlets. Apparently, you are only a statesman and a unifier if you adopt the Democratic philosophy, as it appears our senior senator has done to some degree.

Sen. Graham's response to rumblings in his own party is to label fellow Republicans as a party of "angry old white men" and "nativists," whatever that is.

Many Republicans do fear the country's apparent drift to the far left and the perceived threat to our Constitution that drift denotes. It is unfortunate that the senator appears to now believe that Republican values and initiatives are outdated and unimportant and championed almost exclusively by party extremists.

And it is unfortunate the senator now seeks national prominence by betraying the values and concerns of the very people who sent him to Washington.



Graham should switch parties

If South Carolinians wanted a Democratic senator, we would have voted for one. U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham ran a bait-and-switch campaign, running as a conservative, but showing his true colors once in office.

He is conspiring with some of the most liberal Democrats in Washington. He supports illegal aliens and leftist, unqualified Supreme Court nominees, all anathema to mainstream S.C. conservatives.

Scientific research shows global temperatures are now declining, yet our esteemed senator continues to proudly trumpet his support of the Obama agenda for the destruction of American industry. The cap-and-trade legislation Sen. Graham is pushing at the behest of the radicals in Congress will destroy far more jobs than it creates, while driving every South Carolinian's electricity bills through the roof.

His contempt for conservative South Carolinians is summed up in his snide remarks at his latest town hall meeting. "If you do not like it, leave," he told concerned conservative voters. No, Sen. Graham, you should leave, by switching parties. That way, South Carolinians will know exactly what they are getting if they make the mistake of voting for you a third term.