Letters to the Editor

ETC.: Sen. Graham, Five Points and more

Sen. Graham and the new political class

With all due respect to the folks who have written lately with opinions of Sen. Lindsey Graham, some lauding for his "bipartisan views" and others castigating him for being a poor Republican, I think those good people just don't understand the core issue. Sen. Graham, is neither Republican or Democrat. What he advances is his position as a prince of the political class, America's new aristocracy. When one looks at the issues that have generated the most comment about Sen. Graham in his home state in the last few years, all have the same common denominator, a huge transfer of power to the political class. Cap and trade will give the government unprecedented power to pick winners and losers as President Obama did when he put his constituency of unsecured debt holders of the auto companies ahead of the secured bond holders.

Under cap and trade those kinds of government dictates will be commonplace. If state Sen. John Courson is really concerned about national security as he claims to be in his defense of his fellow career politician, let him instead lobby for a carbon tax. It is efficient, it is effective and it is transparent. The only problem is it doesn't transfer any power to the new aristocracy.



Few treats at 5 Points Halloween

Shame on Five Points. Thank goodness my daughter, age 2 1/2, is too young to remember Halloween 2009. One hour into the event, almost every establishment was out of Halloween candy. When we passed one place and tried to open the door, we were actually "shooed" away by the wave of a hand. What is even more disappointing, is that many places didn't even bother to buy any candy at all.

It seems like you would have spent, at the very least, $25 on candy. We passed dozens of children with little to no candy in Trick or Treat bags. The merchants' obvious disregard for the children coming to the event has made me decide to no longer be a patron of the businesses in Five Points.

Special thanks to The Portfolio Art Gallery, Good for the Sole, Bar None, Harpers, Creative Kids Toyshop, The Gourmet Shop, Revente and Muchas Margaritas. They had candy for my daughter. At least she went home with eight pieces of candy.



Vote shows freedom is not for all in U.S.

Commenting on the defeat of the gay marriage referendum in Maine, one observer remarked, "If they can't win there, it really does tell you the majority of Americans are not on board with this gay marriage thing."

As a heterosexual, I am constantly surprised when the American majority believes it has the power to deny the rights of those whose sexual preferences are different than their own. Until someone accepts that neither "the people" nor the government has a right to legislate against a person of any group - be it ethnic, religious or gender preferences - we cannot call our nation a true democracy. When gay couples are denied the same rights as every one else - the right to marry, the right to file joint tax returns with the inherent benefits, the right to family medical coverage and all other things "straight" couples take for granted, it is simple and pure discrimination, tantamount to the way we denied citizenship to the slaves in the 19th century.



Obama too busy to travel to Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in Washington Tuesday to meet with President Obama at the White House and to speak to a joint session of Congress, invited the president to next week's 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The president refused Chancellor Merkel's invitation because he was too busy. Given his political leanings he no doubt will not be too occupied to attend the rebuilding celebration of the Berlin Wall should that ever happen again.