Letters to the Editor

Wednesday's letters to the editor

We must preserve one of God's greatest gifts

In order to be good stewards of one of God's greatest gifts to us, we need to change the way we do things. We can develop renewable energy resources that will create jobs here in South Carolina that cannot be shipped overseas and that lessen pollution and the health problems that come with it. We must recycle, reuse, renew and reduce what we are using. We must break our addiction to fossil fuels, which threaten our national security.

The carbon released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels pollutes the air we breathe, the water we drink and our beautiful flora and fauna. It changes the climate, with the result being that glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, ocean and air currents are being redirected and droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes have become more severe.

The carbon dioxide absorbed by the oceans makes sea water more acidic and kills plankton, the foundation of the food chain. Entire species of plants and animals, which have taken millennia to evolve, are rapidly becoming extinct. No one can predict how the destruction of these lower links in the food chain will affect the upper links.

We use our resources as if we are immune to consequences. We're acting as if we can have it all - unlimited growth, production and consumption - with no responsibility to our neighbors, our children or future generations.

We must have a conversion of the heart, and this is where people of faith have something to contribute. We understand that the earth does not belong to us but that we belong to the earth, that we do not stand above or separate from nature but are part of a larger organism of life that has given birth to us and sustains us. We must strengthen the alliance between humankind and the earth, which God makes in Genesis "between me and you and every living creature for perpetual generations."

We understand that this splendid garden is our home and that even birds know better than to soil their own nests.


Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation


Prosecute the global warming promoters

The recent release of thousands of documents from the Climate Research Unit at the United Kingdom's University of East Anglia (where the "world's leading climate scientists" work) shows evidence of conspiratorial fraud by scientists and environmentalists of the global warming movement.

Global warming is a speculative science at best, yet an entire global agenda has been built on these fraudulent and altered data. Al Gore led the charge and has made millions from promoting the "disasters" of global warming .The world now knows what many have long known - the global warming movement is and all along has been a hoax.

Bernie Madoff made a fortune by duping unsuspecting investors with fraudulent financial data and promises. He was prosecuted and put in jail. I believe that the Copenhagen summit should be canceled and that Al Gore and Gordon Brown and the chief executives of General Electric and Goldman Sachs and others should be held accountable and prosecuted for the perpetuation of fraud and for the attempted theft of billions (if not trillions) of dollars from the duping of the American people.

To do otherwise is to condone it.


West Columbia

Gobal warming heat source is exposed

I'm getting a real kick out of the recent news on falsified and "edited" scientific results on the real facts about "global warming." I believe that the source of the human-caused global warming can be localized to one specific place: in the environment around Al Gore and all the hot air he has been blowing.



Graham must be on right track on energy

I've seen some TV and Internet ads accusing Lindsay Graham of trying to increase our energy costs through cap and trade legislation. In researching the source of these ads, I found out that the American Energy Alliance is headed by former lobbyists of the oil industry.

Now, why would the oil industry pretend to be concerned with my energy costs? If these folks really were concerned, they would quit gouging me at the pump while at the same time recording record profits.

I think that if Sen. Graham is under attack by these lobbyists, then he must be doing his part to move America away from our dependence on foreign oil, and I hope he will continue to stand up against these attacks.