Letters to the Editor

Sunday's letters to the editor

Give governors reasonable travel rules

When the Sanford impeachment saga is over, I hope the Legislature will exercise common sense and make changes in travel rules.

Do we really want future governors to be hobbled by rules and intimidated by press coverage so as to be forced to travel in the back of 450-seat Dreamliners while seeking industry and business opportunities in Europe or the Far East? If so, it will only reinforce South Carolina's image in some quarters as a third-rate realm. If travel rules are to be construed in an all-inclusive, tight-fisted manner, why not also require the governor to pack a tin of sardines and soda crackers? Or maybe take a trip-long supply of military MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat)? Since these are packed in the Pee Dee, they could neatly double as host and hostess gifts from the Palmetto State.

Previous governors have flown business or first-class on international travel with nary a ruckus.

Our state's governor, the head of our economic development team and the presidents of our research universities should all be entitled to fly first class or business class on any sanctioned trip of, say 1,000 miles or longer. I dare say 95 percent of legislators share in this common sense. I hope enough of them will have the courage to codify it.



Jenny Sanford's becoming too public

I am so very tired of Jenny Sanford and her public comments about a very private matter. So many people have adored her for not standing by her man when the news broke of Gov. Sanford's affair. There, I can agree with her. But, please, show the class so many of her supporters say she has. I do not feel she needed to release a statement about filing for divorce. To me, it sounded as though this was her plan anyway. The governor says he wants to reconcile with his wife, and then she files. This just couldn't be coincidental.

When I watched the brief interview the other night with Barbara Walters, Mrs. Sanford commented how she told him to leave and was "without permission" to go to Argentina. This is an adult; and you are telling him he has no permission. How about just asking him not to go? You treat him like a child, then you wonder why he acted like a little boy?

Mrs. Sanford had wanted to stay private for her sons. Let's see, she posed for a magazine, she wrote a book, and she gives an interview to Barbara Walters? For some reason, that just doesn't seem to be very private to me.



Holiday tour story insensitive to Sanford

My husband and I attended the annual Holiday Tour of the Governor's Mansion on Dec. 3. As usual, the Columbia Garden Club had decorated the mansion with beautiful fresh flowers, family pictures and historical souvenirs. It was truly an afternoon of tradition in the capital city of South Carolina. Why did the newspaper coverage have to mention the past situation of the Sanford family? Jenny Sanford was a gracious hostess. This front page article should have emphasized the charm Jenny expressed in her smile and the cordial handshake she gave to all in attendance.



Lawmakers didn't have guts to impeach

The gutless and biased Republicans and Democrats on a House panel have refused to pursue impeachment proceedings against Gov. Mark Sanford. Could there be anymore hypocrites in our government of South Carolina? Could there be anymore of a reason for South Carolina to be a laughing-stock? I would be willing to guarantee that these same Republicans that are letting Sanford off the hook were yelling for the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

As a lifelong citizen of South Carolina, I say, "Re-think your wrong and hypocritical decision, get it right, and send Mark Sanford packing from our government."


North Augusta

Track record justifies skepticism

With all due respect to Bridget Birchett Tripp of Lexington who is happy about the Senate health care bill because "it will reduce the budget deficit by $127 billion" and lower "health care cost for families business and government," ... she must believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny too. Almost everything the government has done has been a disaster: Social Security will be broke in about five years, Medicare is more than nine times as expensive as projected. The U.S. Postal Service is going broke, Amtrak is also broke. Therefore common sense and history would tell us the same fate awaits us and all future generations if the bill is ever passed, much less read.