Letters to the Editor

Thursday's Letters to the Editor

Cap and trade won't turn S.C. around

California will be first with state-legislated cap and trade to limit greenhouse gases. State regulators say that this law will cost industry at least $8 billion by 2020, but industry groups say it will be much more costly. Now the Golden State has billions of issued bonds that it might have to default on if the economy does not turn around. With cap and trade, it is not likely to turn around any time soon.

South Carolina also has serious economic challenges that are not being addressed. (Consider the contribution of those exercised about "I believe" license plates.) We had better get our own house in order with tax policies that share the pain among all groups and that do not shift the burden from one interest group to another.

Our challenges are great, but with enlightened leadership willing to make hard choices and reform state government at all levels (maybe even a new and improved state constitution), we might make it. Otherwise, we will likely wind up like California with problems that cannot be solved without unbelievable shocks to our system of government and the well-being of all citizens.

Our country is on the brink, and some states think that addressing global warming - I love the smell of switch grass in the morning - is the solution. Maybe medical marijuana is being used by more California legislators than I first thought.


West Columbia

Truth about health care is in the bill

I'd like to reply to Robert McGaughey ("GOP tries to stop health care reform," Dec. 2). Has he actually read this bill? I have. Reading this thing will put the lie to the "They spread lies and misinformation" argument put forth by the writer.

Tagged onto the end of HB3200's title is the words "and other purposes." This bill specifically exempts Congress from the provisions we mere mortals will have to live with if this bill passes. Page 50, Sec-152, provides health care to all, including illegals. Unions and groups such as ACORN, as per Page 65, Sec-164, will be subsidized by the federal government so the gold plans' extra costs won't affect them. Oh yes, mandatory "end of life" planning sessions every five years is spelled out on Page 425, Lines 4-12. And the biggest "Non-Lie" can be found on Page 203, lines 14 and 15. "All taxes imposed by this bill will NOT be treated as taxes." All the above can be found by reading this 2,000-plus page piece of social engineering at www.opencongress.com.

Passage of this monstrosity will effectively ruin health care as we know it and leave our grandchildren with a staggering debt. Let Washington know how you feel, and don't be gentle.



This kind of reform won't make it better

One of the health care reform provisions being considered by Congress indicates that the government will be forcing people to purchase health insurance, and fining them if they do not. Since Congress is not known for its sense of humor - at least not intentionally - I have to assume that this not a joke.

Are they insane? How in the world is this supposed to help people? Members of Congress who vote for this provision, and any agency that is tasked with enforcing it, had better be ready for some white-hot resentment. There are many people in this country fed up with our government, and this will push quite a few of them right over the edge.



Obama deals another blow to Constitution

The authors of the U.S. Constitution must be turning over in their graves listening to the edicts coming out the Obama administration that are destroying the very foundations that our country was built on.

The Obama administration wants to use our laws to give rights to terrorists captured in another country even though they are not U.S. citizens. They don't vote for our elected officials, they don't pay taxes for law enforcement officers to uphold our laws, so how can they be represented and tried for crimes under our Constitution?

From what I can see, Obama and his cohorts are using the Constitution as a set of laws that can be manipulated into any form that suits their agenda, and in doing so, they diminish the rights of the American people.

Other than the obvious insult to those who lost someone in the 2001 terror attacks, the Obama administration's decision to prosecute terror suspects on American soil is also doing a serious disservice to this country. In my opinion, terrorists should be tried in a world court that all countries can participate in.



Delay of jobless benefits wrong

I would like to invite my fellow fortunate citizens who have managed to maintain a good job through this recession to join me in volunteering to go down to the Employment Security Commission and start writing paper checks to the people who have had their federal and state approved benefits withheld because of a computer system that doesn't work.

If it was right to approve benefits extensions, then it is wrong to withhold the money.

If the commission refuses our offer, then I suggest we investigate to determine if laws have been broken, and if so, start prosecuting now. If not, then we should suck it in and realize that government is not of the people, by the people and for the people. It's our ruler.



Governor's actions deserve impeachment

It seems to me that the members of the legislative panel that decided to censure Gov. Mark Sanford rather than impeach him are missing a very important point.

Voters elected the governor; he works for the people of this state. If a state employee didn't show up for work for several days without calling in sick or getting permission from his or her supervisor, he would be fired. We don't have a ruling class in this state or this country.

The governor is an ordinary citizen, not royalty. He should be fired for missing work for several days when he flew off to Argentina to visit his honey. The way one fires the governor is by impeachment.