Letters to the Editor

Friday's Letters to the Editor

U.S. health care system fails many

On Dec. 10, Ottis J. Smith Jr. wrote that Rep. Joe Wilson rightly opposes "national health care" because "We now have the best health care system in the world."

Mr. Smith doesn't know my daughter, an honor graduate of USC who works full-time with autistic children and adults but who can't afford health insurance. He doesn't know my best friend's daughter, a magna cum laude college graduate who is a substitute teacher without health insurance, now facing debt because of a recent injury. Both young women are intelligent, productive members of society. Neither works for a large corporation that offers affordable health care to its employees.

I attended Rep. Wilson's recent town-hall meeting. Our questions were written on cards drawn at random. Rep. Wilson assured us that he would answer us by mail if our cards were not chosen. I described my daughter's situation and asked how he would provide health care for her.

My card wasn't chosen, and I still haven't had an answer in the mail. Perhaps it's because Joe Wilson refuses to admit that "the best health care system in the world" can't take care of deserving citizens like my daughter.



U.S. shouldn't spend what it doesn't have

How can the federal government continue to print money? If I ran my household (or business) the way the government is run, I would have been in bankruptcy, if not prison, long ago.

When we have - what it is it, I can't keep track - $12 trillion in debt, the politicians' (both Democrats and Republicans, because Republicans surely helped get us here) solution to needing more money is to raise the debt ceiling and continue to spend. Federal employees get a raise? Federal agencies get more money? Funding nationalized health care?

We can't afford it. A responsible business does not give its employees raises if it is as heavily in debt as the U.S. government is. The only solution is to cut spending and to cut waste. That's what a household or a business would do, since they go to prison if they print money! No matter how worthy spending may seem, if there is no money to pay for it, the government, like a responsible household or business, should not spend the money.



Governor's actions deserve impeachment

It seems to me that the members of the legislative panel that decided to censure Gov. Mark Sanford rather than impeach him are missing a very important point.

Voters elected the governor; he works for the people of this state. If a state employee didn't show up for work for several days without calling in sick or getting permission from his or her supervisor, he would be fired. We don't have a ruling class in this state or this country.

The governor is an ordinary citizen, not royalty. He should be fired for missing work for several days when he flew off to Argentina to visit his honey. The way one fires the governor is by impeachment.



Taxing rich heavily would kill jobs

In response to Terry. Jarvis' Dec. 10 letter about ending tax breaks for the rich (let me say quickly that I am not among that group), I wonder who he thinks starts and operates the companies that employ people like him? He says he has never benefited from the "tax breaks" for the rich; I would like to challenge that statement.

I've never seen a poor man creating jobs, and if people would stop to think about the hard work, taxes, expenses and risk of financial failure those "rich" people live with on a daily basis, perhaps they would take the bull's eye off their backs and be grateful that so many are willing to invest and to create jobs for the rest of us. Tax those same people to the hilt, and watch the jobs disappear.



Delay of jobless benefits wrong

I would like to invite my fellow fortunate citizens who have managed to maintain a good job through this recession to join me in volunteering to go down to the Employment Security Commission and start writing paper checks to the people who have had their federal and state approved benefits withheld because of a computer system that doesn't work.

If it was right to approve benefits extensions, then it is wrong to withhold the money.

If the commission refuses our offer, then I suggest we investigate to determine if laws have been broken and if so, start prosecuting now. If not, then we should suck it in and realize that government is not of the people, by the people and for the people. It's our ruler.



Put health care ahead of war

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for our government to spend trillions on war, but find health care too expensive when it hits the $1 trillion mark. Put another way, isn't it too bad our government finds it easier to spill blood than save it; or, finds it more economical to take lives than to save them? May God forgive our evil ways.