Letters to the Editor

Sunday's letters to the editor

Don't put photos on handicapped placards

Even though I subscribe to The State, one of the first things I do in the morning is read several media outlets on the Web.

It made my blood boil to read media Web sites where people were so happy that now handicapped placards will have photographs on them so that the righteous can see when a horrible person is misusing a placard. The law will probably sit on the books to be enforced as often as the adultery statute. Who will ensure that vigilantes don't use their ignorance to bother people whose disabilities are not as visible as these pious peepers would like?

In the late fall of 1998 my son, Michael, and I parked in a handicapped spot near the front door of the Wal-Mart in Lexington. I hung the placard issued to us after a licensed physician had signed a form in support of it. The physician had suggested we apply for a placard because Michael was beginning to drag his leg due to damage being done to his brain stem by an aggressive cancer.

No sooner had I helped Michael get out of our car than a nosy know-nothing demanded to know why we dare use a handicapped parking space. I tried to brush off this person by pointing out the fact that we had a proper placard, but this self-appointed judge, jury and executioner demanded even more information. I sent my son on into Wal-Mart so that I might speak freely. When Michael was out of sight I told this person the truth of Michael's condition and that this cancer would probably kill him. At least, the man's wife was embarrassed.

When I found Michael, he was standing in the entrance of Wal-Mart, silent tears flowing down his face. "Why does that man hate me?" I could only hold him tightly, thinking that making a 9-year-old cry is very close to the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Placard photographs are needless inventions that will cause more harm than good.



County shouldn't expand Pelion Airport

What in the flying flip is the Lexington County Council thinking about? In these days of reduced tax revenues, people out of work and budget deficits gone wild, the council is considering whether to pursue $4.4 million in expansions at what is essentially just a nice little landing spot for the elite few who can afford to flit around in private planes.

It makes no difference if it is federal, state county or local taxes. These dollars are taken out of the pockets of the many to satisfy the whims and hobbies of the few.

Certainly there are other places where our tax dollars can do much greater good. Hey, County Council, wake up and smell the coffee; this is right up there with "the bridge to nowhere" in Ketchikan, Ala.



Church nativity spreading good news

In light of all the bad news that dominates the press these days, I wanted to share some good. My husband and I and our two granddaughters recently attended a live nativity sponsored by Sandy Level Baptist Church in Blythewood. What a wonderful evening.

In addition to the nativity, which was beautiful, there was a petting zoo for the children and an old-fashioned marshmallow roast. We were even treated to hot cocoa. The camaraderie of all in attendance was so special and reminded us all of the true meaning of "holiday season" and Christmas. Kudos to Sandy Level for providing us with such a delightful evening that I know our granddaughters will soon not forget. I think we've just established ourselves a new holiday tradition.



Jenny Sanford a ray of sunshine

I envy Jenny Sanford so much. She has more power and integrity than any of our state representatives. It's good for her and the children that she is able to get away from such nonsense and go on with her life. The residents of South Carolina are not as fortunate. It's a sad day when our representatives do the will of their parties instead of the people.

I have lost all faith in our political system and in this state. I wish we could have been granted a divorce from the entire legislative body and have a do-over!

Thank you, Jenny Sanford, for living your beliefs and breaking the cycle of silence and acceptance of bad behavior from men in this state. You are the ray of sunshine.