Letters to the Editor

Monday's letters to the editor

Community lost two great public servants

In recent days, we have mourned the passing of two leaders in our community and state, Grady Patterson and Lillie Edens Herndon.

Grady served with capacity and integrity for more than 35 years as state treasurer and at his death was widely acclaimed for his life, military and public service. He was deeply devoted to his wife, Margie, and their six adult children and their families. He was a long-time faithful member and leader in Shandon Presbyterian Church.

More than 50 years after completing high school, Lillie graduated with honors from Columbia College. She distinguished herself in business, education, religion and public service.

She served in such substantial roles as president of the National PTA, chair of the State Board of Education and director of the Corporation on Public Broadcasting. Also, she was a member of Richland County Council, a lay member on the State Commission on Judicial Standards and chair of the boards of Richland Memorial Hospital and Columbia College.

Grady and Lillie, fellow church members, will be remembered for their exemplary character and their lengthy and fruitful lives of service to their fellow citizens. We are all their beneficiaries.



Tiger, Sanford private lives in spotlight

I am writing in regards to the recent golfer's and the governor's "transgressions." It seems strange to me that Tiger Woods is esteemed as "just being human." A number of Woods' sponsors have stated they will continue letting him endorse their products. Where is the justice in Tiger's week-long denial of wrongdoing?

Mark Sanford confesses from the very beginning, pours his heart out, begs forgiveness and the dogs still want to eat him up. Make no mistake, God said "vengeance is mine," and Sanford will come out of this better -forgiven and whole - with no thanks to those who did not stand by him.



Health reform effort borders on tyranny

So what's it called when elected officials go against an ever increasing majority of angry constituents to push through a health care bill that will cost all of us more? A monstrosity of bureaucratic nightmares that was concocted by lawmakers, not doctors, nurses, patients? A bill that mandates that all U.S. citizens must "purchase" health insurance or be penalized, but those who created the monster do not have to abide by its rules?

Our great country was founded escaping similar atrocities. It is called tyranny, and we are staring it in the face.



Repealing NAFTA would grow jobs

The president recently stated, "We must grow jobs!" His exact words. If job growth comes about through government, then the logical first step towards the president's goal would be a no-brainer, and an action for Congress. Repeal NAFTA and bring our lost jobs back home. I wonder if the president has pondered this thought for growing jobs?


John's Island