Letters to the Editor

ETC.: Health care, development and more

'Yes' votes bought with back-room deals

Congress and the White House want to force this outrageous health care bill on the American people. Poll after poll shows that most Americans do not want this health care reform bill to pass.

Decisions are being made behind closed doors with a select group of Democratic senators without any input from Republicans. Amendments are being made to this bill, and I wonder if these senators have even read the bill.

We now know what lengths these Democrats will go to sell their souls for a vote. For Ben Nelson's vote, the federal government would pick up 100 percent of the tab for the planned Medicaid expansion in Nebraska Sen. Mary Landrieu received $300 million for Louisiana. New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida will have no cuts to Medicare Advantage reimbursements.

Fifteen million of the so-called 30 million who will be covered will be pushed into the Medicaid program. This cost will be borne by the states.

They say this is our Christmas gift. Well, senators, next year your gift may come a little early. Perhaps, in your Christmas stocking there may be a little coal and a vote to not re-elect you.



Northern counties need attention

The Legislature and the governor's office are still chest bumping over Boeing coming to North Charleston, and that is a good thing.

However, there is a lot of work left to do to get our economy moving, and I just read our unemployment rate just rose from 12 percent to 12.3 percent in November. How is north South Carolina doing? Even worse.

Electrolux, the Swedish appliance maker has recently announced that it is consolidating some of its various locations in the Southeast to Charlotte as well as relocating its U.S. headquarters from Georgia. All told it means about 700 jobs will be coming to the Charlotte area. Where will those families live? Perhaps we can make it known to Electrolux families that just over the border there are good schools, homes and recreation in York, Chester and Lancaster counties. However, our state and county officials and tourism board need to make such known.

The State newspaper and state government needs to give increased attention to us in north South Carolina. We'd appreciate being kept informed of the state's affairs and South Carolina should look to making a pitch to Electrolux and their employees as to the benefits of living in South Carolina.


Rock Hill

Athletes as scholars not big news

As we wonder why South Carolina lags in economic growth and our education system is ranked low in comparable state ratings, perhaps the question is asked what is important in South Carolina?

The usual sports page carries the articles of Gamecock and Tiger football accomplishments. High school championships are front page. Somewhere buried in a corner of page two with two lines devoted to it was: Sarah Cline of the USC volleyball team earned SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year. It would seem that would be the ideal for a university athletic program to strive for. Here it passes as a sidebar at best. This is not the sportswriter's fault. It is an just an indication of what we consider important in our state.