Letters to the Editor

Letters: Time to pass SC right-to-die law

Several states have right to die laws. Whether you agree with these laws or not, think about what happens without them.

Go to a nursing home, visit a critical-care unit in a hospital, visit patients in hospice, visit a loved one or anyone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you will see some strapped to the bed, many agonizing with pain, some on oxygen and gasping for air. Legal medications do not relieve the severe pain and suffering of many patients.

I believe many people who commit suicide are not mentally ill, but the alternative is better than the suffering, agonizing, natural, legal way. Cutting off a leg on a 99-year-old to prevent a condition from worsening is cruel and pitiless.

We humans are more compassionate about our suffering animals than we are about each other.

I ask the Legislature to let us vote on giving people of sound mind some legal way to end their lives when they are suffering.

Lowell B. Herlong