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Chapter 7 is a remedy to SCANA problem

Thomas Farrell II, left, chairman, president and CEO of Dominion Energy, and Jimmy Addison, CEO of SCANA, speak during a press conference at SCANA in Cayce.
Thomas Farrell II, left, chairman, president and CEO of Dominion Energy, and Jimmy Addison, CEO of SCANA, speak during a press conference at SCANA in Cayce. The State file photo

The report on SCANA paying its ex-CEO $1.8 million for a no-show consulting gig prompts me to suggest a simple solution to the massive debt SCANA and Santee Cooper plan to leave ratepayers: Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Initially, some recalled what a good neighbor SCANA has been; many still have T-shirts commemorating a event or march. Yet SCANA’s board failed to notify shareholders of the material change in the company’s finances when Bechtel submitted its report.

The scope of the network of players and their actions – the Legislature with its defective legislation, partner-in-debt Santee Cooper’s malfeasance toward its extended customer base, public oversight agencies overlooking obvious anomalies and the public’s assumption that all players were responsible fiduciaries – calls for a vast overhaul.

Yet remedial measures suggested to date are at best half-vast because all leave ratepayers with the debt for a pile of iron and concrete courtesy of the well-compensated but incompetent executives, directors and board-members of SCANA and its sidekick Santee Cooper. The Dominion dodge is merely an extended payment plan leaving the SCANA gang’s salaries, benefits and perks largely intact with a new player whose profit percentage is guaranteed under state law.

Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code is a straightforward remedy. There are too many personal and organizational connections, histories, misdeeds and mistakes for the state branches of government to engineer a solution that’s fair to all. Let the Legislature administer the push and the courts oversee the liquidation of SCANA.

Mike Cakora


Vote for those back constitution at midterms

We hear comments such as “Americans have more guns than anybody and are better armed than any other country.” This is as it should be.

This keeps us safe. This is our inalienable right under our constitution. Most Americans take these rights seriously and honor them.

The government should take care not to infringe on these rights and not restrict law-abiding citizens “in the name of fighting gun violence.”

As we go to the polls, we need to remember those who stand by our constitution and vote accordingly.

Jim Clark


McMaster rejects health care funding, not abortion funding

Really, Gov. McMaster? Are you actually urging South Carolina to reject $14 million in federal money so you can defund Planned Parenthood clinics?

No doubt you and your Republican Legislature are hoping that your supporters will think you are simply working to prohibit abortions. But none of that $14 million pays for abortion services. Some will think it does because they are unwilling or perhaps unable to do the research. They will not realize that just a fraction of that money actually even goes to Planned Parenthood ($82,000 last year), and that ALL of it pays for nonabortion services through Medicaid. That $14 million helps poor South Carolina citizens — male and female, old and young — with basic health care.

Your rejection of the money is particularly troublesome since South Carolina previously opted out of extended Medicaid coverage for poor citizens. You are the governor of this state. Why would you work in ways that hurt your citizens?

My conservative father and god-fearing mother brought me up to believe in the value of planning. Planned Parenthood devotes much of its time and effort to helping young people understand how to prevent unwanted pregnancies while it also addresses basic health care needs.

Why should your own citizens continue to support you? I cast my vote and all my hopes on Rep. James Smith to replace you in the upcoming election. He said he would not reject that money knowing that it will help ensure health care for all South Carolinians.

Nancy Larsen


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