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Gov. McMaster will continue to work tirelessly for Palmetto State

Following his victory in the runoff election, Gov. Henry McMaster leaves his suite at Spirit Communications Park and heads to the podium speak at his victory party.
Following his victory in the runoff election, Gov. Henry McMaster leaves his suite at Spirit Communications Park and heads to the podium speak at his victory party. The State file photo

If you want to see South Carolina continue to grow and prosper while creating thousands of new well-paying jobs, reduce your personal tax burden, keep our children safe in school, expand and improve our highways, cut government waste and regulations, then please join me in voting for Gov. Henry McMaster on Election Day, Nov. 6.

I’ve known Henry and his family most of my life.We worship together every Sunday. Henry’s spent his adult life fighting for us, prosecuting drug kingpins, protecting the sanctity of life, combating domestic abuse, preserving our environment and sending corrupt politicians to prison. He’s leading the battle to guarantee our right to freely pray in public, protect our Second Amendment rights and insure our freedom of speech. Henry has devoted his life to public service and working to make South Carolina an exceptional place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Gov. McMaster will serve us all with honor and dignity for the next four years as our chief executive while working tirelessly to make our beloved Palmetto State even greater.

Robert Liming


McMaster is not a veteran; guilty of stolen valor

A group of veterans including myself watched the debate recently, and we were struck by Gov. McMaster’s veteran claim.

First and foremost, Gov. McMaster’s parents ensured he would never have to fight. They obtained a deferment and placed him in college during the Vietnam conflict.

His proud statement of being a member of the United States Army Reserve is a slap in the face to every person that served in Vietnam.

His parents and the governor did everything he could to prevent himself from serving in a war zone. Fact! He is a military poser! Just another coward.

By continuing to perpetrate his veteran story,we believe he is guilty of “stolen valor.” Stolen valor is a federal crime Mr. Governor!

Moreover, the governor has had significant campaign finance irregularities and a corruption investigation that is still underway. Integrity issues!

Finally, stolen valor, a poser, lack of integrity are some of the governor’s honor issues. Vets, do you really want to vote for him?

Dan Engle


Don’t vote for a party; vote for our state

With the election coming, before it’s too late

Don’t vote for a party; vote for our state.

Anyone who knows James Smith will say

How wonderful James and Mandy are in every way.

James is a hero, it’s easy to see

He’ll make our state better for you and me.

McMaster says James wants to raise every tax,

He knows better; he’s lying about the facts.

Only the legislature can raise a tax.

He’s changed his tune now, but look back and you’ll see

All McMaster’s campaign contributions from SCE&G.

When it came Medicaid expansion, McMaster’s veto

Meant other states got South Carolina’s two billion in dough.

Sean Carrigan for Congress is a man of action

His military background is an added attraction.

In Wilson’s years in Congress, his bills total one,

Naming a library is all he’s done.

And what Alan Wilson wants without a doubt

Is to try to get the statute of limitations to run out.

Molly Spearman has been a sensation,

Keep her as secretary of education.

So vote on the 6th, and please remember

To change NOvember into YESvember.

Francee Levin


Research candidates before voting in midterms

The upcoming midterms are of vital importance for our republic. The results will determine her fate. Do we as Carolinians want to continue making progress economically, secure our borders, have free trade, protection of our constitutional rights such as speech and religion, protection of the unborn, cutting regulations, to see the possible denuclearization of North Korea, the appointment of judges who’ll not legislate from the bench? Or do we want to return to the Obama days of economic downturn, division, obstruction, the restriction of our Constitutional rights, more regulations, higher taxes, open borders, identity and the politics of destruction? The choice is very clear. Research the candidates and choose wisely, because our country depends upon it. See you at the polls.

Mark Peter

West Columbia

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