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Transplant from Ohio finds SC welcoming, patriotic

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Veterans Day Parade
Veterans Day Parade The State file photo

I had the opportunity to participate in Lexington County’s Veterans Day Parade as part of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, a motorcycle contingent that carried flags of the branches of the military and a POW/MIA flag.

I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response of the spectators. I recently moved to the area from central Ohio and have found South Carolinians to be warm and welcoming, and I will add patriotic to the list as well.

As a Vietnam veteran, I may not always felt the pride in my service as I did yesterday. Thank all of you that attended the parade for your support of veterans and their sacrifices. Thanks also to John and Cindy Woods, directors of Chapter P, GWRRA, for all their work in organizing our participation.Their enthusiasm matches the spectators at the parade.

I will always have to support Ohio State football, but it looks like being S.C. transplant will be a very enjoyable and rewarding.

Richard Ventresco


Clyburn turned his back on Parnell, party

James Clyburn, who are you? Not sure what party you actually belong to. You were supposed to appear with our candidate from Distrct 5 Archie Parnell, and at the last minute, you canceled. You canceled under the pressure of the Republican Party.

Archie Parnell was involved in a domestic dispute 45 years ago. He has since apologized and repented. As bad as the event was, you can't erase the past. We as Christians can forgive and move on.

His opponent, Ralph Norman, while in office, has brandished a. loaded weapon in during a town hall meeting, and has made a despicable joke at the expense of a female Supreme Court justice. This is happening today. By the way, our squeaky clean Attorney General Wilson decided not to press charges against Ralph Norman ... Go figure!.

James Clyburn, you turned your back on us all. I ask again, what party do you really belong to? When Archie Parnell is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, do you think for a second that he would support you for speaker of the House? Good luck with all that.

Ronald Andersen


Repainting SC road lines would help limit accidents

I am aware that South Carolina has an enormous infrastructure problem. Instead of trying to pave new lanes and touch up potholes here and there, why not do something everywhere right now that can only help our drivers on all roads ... repaint and paint lines on all the roads with high reflection paint.

I drove on I-77, I-26 and 20 recently in the steady mist about 6:30 a.m. I barely saw any lines, and there were plenty of idiots on the road changing lanes at 70 to 80 mph without signals, scaring the daylights out of me.

If we could see the lines, perhaps there would be fewer accidents because people could see where they belong when they’re going 55 to 70 mph.

Helen Foley


Your property has a fence; US should too

Many foolishly support deceptive “immigration.” Mobbing the border is shoplifting citizenship. Is it OK to shoplift from your store? President Trump is definitely not “against” immigration. He’s for the only valid entry; fill out forms, be vetted. If you have a fence around your property to protect it, the nation should have a fence too. ISIS isn’t stupid; they are likely feigning as refugee status. I can’t imagine ISIS foregoing this golden chance to enter the USA.

Danny House

West Columbia

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