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Gun-toting, law-abiding people shouldn’t be punished for others’ actions

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There is an article in The State newspaper recently about the relevancy of the 2nd Amendment and its future.

This amendment is very important to the future and freedom of our country. All of us are concerned about criminal violence and the mass shootings that have occurred.

One of the causes of this violence is because most Americans have turned away from God, and we are reaping the results. Many churches have closed, and other churches are almost empty. Another cause is one-parent families or parents who do not discipline their children. Also, most states have closed their mental institutions, and mentally ill people are living in our communities without proper supervision, and the list could continue.

The liberals always want to ban guns but will not discuss the other, more important problems. If guns are banned from law-abiding people, the only people left with guns will be the military, the police and the criminals! I was a police officer for 30 years, and I never had to arrest an armed law-abiding person. Please stop blaming law-abiding citizens for problems caused by criminals and mentally ill people.

Mike Roth


Incompetence and fraud should never be rewarded

We continue to hear commentary, testimony and calls lobbying for Dominion concerning the SCE&G acquisition.

As a South Carolinian, I’m certain we will never get all the facts of a settlement and sale of SCE&G. Many legislators endorsing this as a best-case solution passed the Base Load Review Act and confidence in their judgment is questionable. They are under lobbying pressure now as they were when passing that legislation. I have little concern for shareholders as most are not South Carolinians, and their lack of oversight is as much to blame for this fiasco as their executives. You invest and hope to gain, but you also risk loss.

All that said, I do know that consumers should not pay for the incompetence/fraud, you choose, of executives receiving a bonus/golden parachute once the acquisition is done if they are terminated. We should be disappointed if the approval of this acquisition does not require SCE&G to claw back all bonuses paid executives after receiving the Bechtel Report and the forfeiture of future incentive payments if the acquisition goes forward. By the way, don’t bother telling us the bonuses/golden parachutes will be paid by SCANA/Dominion.

At day’s end, the money they have comes from us, the consumer. Do I believe SCE&G, SCANA, the lawyers involved or Dominion have my best interests in mind? Absolutely not. Which is why we all must depend on the courts and the PSC to stand in the gap for South Carolina consumers. We will be watching.

William Barlow


Proposed abortion bill needs amendments

Your “Pro-life lawmakers prep for showdown on abortion bill” article prompts the following:

1. Kudos to Rep. John McCravy, R-Greenwood, for explaining “he did not think the mother’s life should be an exception because the child’s life is just as precious as the mother’s.” It is progress when falsehoods about protecting women are no longer peddled.

2. Regarding fiscal responsibility, the bill must include estimates of taxpayer costs for the planned legal defense of the legislation.

3. Require two heartbeat tests. Probe for a heartbeat a few inches above the womb. If detected, this initial human’s existence is required to locate the second (fetal) heartbeat.

4. Require documentation and data on the lives forced birth survivors and unwanted children experience in this state.

5. To make informed choices, require policymakers to read a pamphlet summarizing conditions South Carolina children will be born into:

a. A minimally adequate education.

b. Inadequate or nonexistent public transportation, affordable housing, access to quality health care, day care, election security and environmental protection.

c. Some of the lowest average incomes nationally with the highest utility costs in America.

d. A gushing school to prison pipeline terminating in an understaffed and dangerous prison system.

6. Require precise words. “Abortion ban” should be “legal abortion ban.” Illegal providers will always service desperate girls and women with results that often stop beating human hearts.

Laura Wolvier


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