Letters to the Editor

Current TV personalities could learn from longtime WLTX anchor Bob Shields

News anchor and reporter, Bob Shields, left WLTX in 2010 after 30 years of service.
News anchor and reporter, Bob Shields, left WLTX in 2010 after 30 years of service. The State file photo

Having just read about Mr. Bob Shields and his health issues, I am struck by his professionalism and the dignity he brought to WLTX TV for a number of years. There is simply no way the current group of people on the local news shows can compare with Bob. They lack professionalism. They put on a show. Mr. Shields believed in what he did. With the start of the weekly acknowledgment of a young athlete, Mr. Shields shared his commitment and desire that young people would be challenged to achieve goals.

We don’t have that now in TV or radio on the local level. Gone are Bill Benton, John Wrisley and, of course Joe Pinner. Oh what lessons this crop of local people could learn from the aforementioned.

I will forever remember Bob Shields.

Paul Brown

West Columbia

Dumbing down spelling is a dumb idea

In response to Ms. Crisp’s letter, I can only say, “What a terrible idea.”

Can you imagine the spelling of the word idea. In the Midwest, it would be “idea,” but in the Northeast, it would be “iderer,” and in southern states “idee.”

Does the writer think that school children cannot learn the rules or that it takes too much effort? Why dumb down learning? If spelling is no longer universal, then how could we read? How would teachers decipher written assignments? What about contracts, leases or purchases ?

This idea should be put where it belongs – the trash can.

Sandra Kostrzewa


Global warming isn’t caused by carbon dioxide levels

Global warming caused by increasing levels of carbon dioxide is inaccurate for the following four reasons:

1. From 1940 to 1975, the world became colder. At the same time, there was rapid expansion of carbon dioxide-emitting factories and automobiles.

2. From 950 to 1250 A.D. (named the Medieval Warm Period), temperatures were on average 2 degrees warmer than it is now, and there was no carbon dioxide-emitting factories and automobiles during this period.

3. From 1300 to 1850 A.D. (named the Little Ice Age), temperatures were on average 2-3 degrees colder than it is now. Worse period was between 1500-1700, and there were NO carbon dioxide-emitting factories and automobiles during this period.

4. Even if the entire Arctic ice cap were to melt, the ocean level would not rise since all the ice in the Arctic ice cap is floating on liquid ice (water) and ice is of smaller volume than liquid ice (water). To prove this point, totally fill a glass with shaved ice and observe that the water level is lower when all the ice melts.

In closing, I appreciate the concern for our planet that global warming advocates have and their willingness to work to save our planet. I ask that they fact check the above information on Google and/or YouTube.

Charles Schuster


SCANA, Santee Cooper customers should get a finished reactor

I read in the newspaper that customers of SCANA and Santee Cooper will have to pay another $2.3 billion for the unfinished nuclear reactors at V.C. Summer. Since this will probably be the case, why not just finish one of the units? At least we will get something for the money.

Don Fulton