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Dominion should save money for customers, not use it for ads

Dominion Energy, who has purchased South Carolina Electric and Gas company, recently put up a temporary sign welcoming people to the campus in Cayce.
Dominion Energy, who has purchased South Carolina Electric and Gas company, recently put up a temporary sign welcoming people to the campus in Cayce. The State file photo

I don’t know how much slick TV ads cost, but I assume it’s not cheap.

This brings me to ask why Dominion Energy feels compelled to tell me over and over again that SCE&G is now Dominion Energy. I think it unlikely that any of the ratepayers are not aware of this. Also, what choice do we have?

I would think that they could better spend this money on saving their customers money or even keep their word on rebates. I am not, however, holding my breath.

Thomas Hanson


Chapin should redraw attendance lines instead of making new restrictions

On Jan. 14, the school board of Lexington-Richland School District 5 instituted an enrollment freeze at Chapin Elementary, effective eight days later (Jan. 22). There are two elementary schools which feed the Chapin middle/high schools, and both of these schools (Chapin/Lake Murray Elementary) are now closed to new families moving in. New students are being reassigned to three other elementary schools in District 5, which are 15-20 miles from residences in Chapin. This decision defies logic.

For families relocating to Chapin, this is going to be a real turnoff when they are told their young children must ride 15-20 miles (1 hour + bus ride) to get to school by approximately 7:30 in the morning. For families attempting to sell their homes during this “stop-gap” measure, home values will drop, time on market will increase and the number of buyers will substantially decrease.

District 5 should walk back this decision and redraw attendance lines now. They claim to have the data analytics to support a new school. Use that data and do the right thing. Or lease portables as a temporary fix so families in Chapin can enroll in neighborhood schools as the district supposedly favors.

Juli Booth


$200M could go long way toward improving SC

A recent headline read that the governor wants to give teachers a 5 percent raise and return $200 million to taxpayers. The next day’s headline reads that dams in South Carolina are failing and there is legislation to weaken dam-safety laws.

If there is actually $200 million available to the state, couldn’t it be used to upgrade state maintained dams and bridges – before someone dies and lawsuits ensue? (Or, at least pay for regular, stringent inspections?) Or could it be used to mow along state highways and interstates more frequently and pick up trash along those roads so that South Carolina makes a favorable impression to drivers? Or could it be used to upgrade voting machines, so voters have confidence that results are accurate. Or could it be used to encrypt our data in the Department of Revenue system to prevent another major hacking? Or perhaps it could be used to upgrade schools along the “corridor of shame.”

I suspect $200 million would go a long way toward one or more of these improvements which would, directly or indirectly, benefit the entire state.

Louise Plodinec


White privilege poll just meant to stir hatred

The article “Does white privilege exist?” in the Jan. 25 paper does not cite one privilege that whites have over anyone from other ethnicities because there is no such thing as white privilege.

This is a term developed by academic progressives who speak pablum to generate division amount the races. The article seeks to make news rather than report news. We are all equal in God’s eyes. What we do with our situation in life is up to us.

These types of newspaper articles attempt to stir up hatred and animosity amount the races, when this is completely unnecessary to do so. Polls can be manipulated to say whatever one wants. Winthrop University must have to much time on their hands to conduct this stupid poll. Why would the article find it necessary to picture individuals with confederate flags? I think simply to entice hatred where none should be. Another sign of make news not report news.

Joseph Southard


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